PAWS Cafe:The mental well-being place


I hope you have been able to stop for a moment of your time to read my autobioetry and maybe be inspired to write about your own lived experiences

I have created the name  ' PAWS Café'  for my virtual mental well-being place for 5 reasons:        

  1. Being pawed by the Black Dog is a favorite image of mine for depression   
  2. The precursor to and/or the symptoms of depression often include Panic, Anxiety, Worry, Stress  
  3. Pause -To Stop for a moment of time.  I hope you pause at the PAWS Café:The mental wellbeing place and reflect on your own mental health and wellbeing.   
  4.  I believe being creative in Poetry, Arts, Word and/or Song (PAWS) is beneficial to improving mental health and well-being-I hope you give it a try!
  5. One day I hope to make The PAWS Cafe a reality, where people can meet, share their mental wellbeing stories; their creativity, and be inspired by, and learn from each other .

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14.02 | 19:00

I have read a blog that is also about this. you can visit here:

26.06 | 13:48

You have created something really special Ali! The idea of Outing Depression is inspiring. Have only read a few poems but will come back! MG, Moodscope

26.06 | 13:42
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