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Mental Health Awareness Talk Sept. 2019
Met with the lovely ladies of Corbett Women's Institute in Catford for a talk and discussion about the importance of mental health. Thankyou for your donation and book sales towards my mental health charities.
Me, as MQ Ambassador with some of the staff from the charity Childnet . I gave a talk about the importance of looking at our mental health and research into mental health .Thankyou for your donation and purchase of my book towards my mental health charities.
As an ambassador for the charity MQ: transforming mental health through research during Mental Health Awareness week 7 of us collected £809 from Olly Murs fans and London O2 visitors on Friday 17th May 2019. Thanks to O2 an MQ supporter, they let us use their Box to watch the show . As the last week of Game of Thrones it seemed fitting to use this image on my facebook page to encourage friends to donate to MQ. Only £9 per person with a mental illness, per year, gets spent on research -It's time for mental health research to be put on the throne !

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I have read a blog that is also about this. you can visit here:

26.06 | 13:48

You have created something really special Ali! The idea of Outing Depression is inspiring. Have only read a few poems but will come back! MG, Moodscope

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