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Me, as MQ Ambassador with some of the staff from the charity Childnet . I gave a talk about the importance of looking at our mental health and research into mental health
As an ambassador for the charity MQ: transforming mental health through research during Mental Health Awareness week 7 of us collected £809 from Olly Murs fans and London O2 visitors on Friday 17th May 2019. Thanks to O2 an MQ supporter, they let us use their Box to watch the show . As the last week of Game of Thrones it seemed fitting to use this image on my facebook page to encourage friends to donate to MQ. Only £9 per person with a mental illness, per year, gets spent on research -It's time for mental health research to be put on the throne !
For mental Health Week 2018 I launched '@ STUDIO SHALOM' at my garden studio. The first cohort of clients received The 'M' Technique- a therapeutic touch for calming the parasympathetic nervous system.
As Ambassador for MQ I attended the Pint of Science event supported by MQ:Transforming mental health through research.Intresting topics discussed

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I have read a blog that is also about this. you can visit here:

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You have created something really special Ali! The idea of Outing Depression is inspiring. Have only read a few poems but will come back! MG, Moodscope

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