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For mental Health Week 2018 I launched '@ STUDIO SHALOM' at my garden studio. The first cohort of clients received The 'M' Technique- a therapeutic touch for calming the parasympathetic nervous system.
As Ambassador for MQ I attended the Pint of Science event supported by MQ:Transforming mental health through research.Intresting topics discussed
To Kick start my activity for Mental Health Awareness Week 2018, As a Thrive LDN champion I joined another champion (Brittany) and Alex outside City Hall. The appearence was in support of the Walking out of Darkness London 10 mile walk on Sat 12th May
There are some areas of your life that you cannot delegate to another person -- your health is one of them. Angus will be sharing his simple yet powerful formula to a life of abundant health, happiness and passion. Find out why you have never truly been able to achieve lasting results with your health. By following the simple, proven and effective steps outlined in this session you can expect to begin the journey towards your best health ever.... Why not see if his philosophy works for you.
The 20 min talk/powerpoint presentation is at

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I have read a blog that is also about this. you can visit here:

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You have created something really special Ali! The idea of Outing Depression is inspiring. Have only read a few poems but will come back! MG, Moodscope

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